Monday, March 29, 2010

Fantasia last night on Wrestlemania 26

Fantasia performed last night at Wrestlemania.  Yes, I'm serious.

Kelis' new video "Acapella"

Kelis has finally stopped counting those support checks from Nas and gotten back on her own grind.  Check out her hot new video "Acapella."  True to form, it is eccentric and edgy and unlike anything else out there.  Lady Gaga?  Who is that?

Kim Kardashian wants you to see what Reggie's been missing

Kim Kardashian spent the weekend in Miami filming for her E! reality show. She tweeted some pics of her in a bikini to let you see what her ex- Reggie Bush has been missing:

                                              "Good morning kiss!"


                                             "Another beautiful Miami day on the boat!"

Cassidy denies HIV rumors

Some girl has been littering the internet with rumors Cassidy gave her HIV. She has been contacting bloggers and entertainment sites with her story she let him hit, then when he quit, she found out she was positive.  Cassidy tweeted furiously to deny the rumors:

“ Stopactinstupid! I don't even know that lil girl.. I just took a pic being nice.. I only f#$% pretty girls 10's, and I still don't go raw.”
"I'm sick wit but not like that! The b*#% probably just mad she not my I'm perfectly healthy, so it can't be true.
It's just the devil try make me mad because I'm about to buy this bently today, I'm on my way to the bank.. B*%# stop hating..Twitpic later.”

At least he denies going raw dog.  I would hate to see someone else go out like Easy E.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Murray loses license

The California Attorney General Jerry Brown has succeeded in his request to have the court suspend Conrad Murray's medical license in his state. The AG's office filed a motion on behalf of the California Medical Board on February 8th calling Murray's conduct during and after Michael's death, "reprehensible" "so egregious as to shock the conscious." The motion also stated that Murray "took the life of his patient" and "showed utter disregard for the care and well-being of his patient" and that his actions "make him a danger to the public." This is what Michael's fans and Murray's medical colleagues have maintained all along. Virtually every doctor and nurse anesthetist practicing in the U.S. today knows that the standard of care was not met in this case; they want to distance themselves from his apparent negligence.

For his part, Murray's attorney, Ed Chernoff, entered a plea of not guilty and denies any wrongdoing on behalf of his client. Chernoff told the AP the filed motion was unnecessary and could have a significant negative impact on Murray's abilityto practice medicine and earn a living. Well good then!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kells has a new song out called Be My #2

Let's hope this isn't the sequel to "I wanna piss on you".

Chris Brown is beggin you to play his songs

Chris Brown's post Grammy incident with Rihanna continues to take its toll on his career.  Requests for appearances, album sales, and radio airplay have all declined sharply for the young singer.  He took to his Say Now page to plead with fans to request his songs and with radio stations to add him to the regular rotations.  Have a listen: 

He prolly shouldn'ta tried dat

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Same $h*t Different Day

Police are seeking Naomi Campbell in connection with an incident where she allegedly assaulted a driver with a cell, I love Naomi in all her bad girl glory.  I'm going to tell you, by now people should already know what they are going to get with her.  I tend to think people try to provoke her anger so they can get that big pay day they just know is coming.  Heck, I've got bills due!

Lil Wayne finally went to jail on Monday.  My local nightly news even showed the footage.  I haven't decided if it was just a slow news day or if the sight of ABM going to jail excited them.

In another historic moment

In another historic moment at the Oscars on Sunday, a woman won the Best Director category for the first time; Katherine Bigelow won for her Iraq War movie, The Hurt Locker, over her ex-husband James Cameron. Now, many critics had pegged Cameron to win, but you know there was a contingent of viewers who were hoping the award would go to Lee Daniels for Precious. Besides, you know the Academy voted for Hillary. The studio has not yet announced the DVD release date.

Monday, March 8, 2010

B*tch whatchu doin'?: woman pulls a Kanye at the Oscars

When the director of Music by Prudence came running down the aisle like he was on the Price is Right to accept his Oscar, the producer of the film Elinor Burkett--who had apparently been dismissed from the project--rushed the stage and pulled a Kanye interrupting him mid-syllable to monopolize his acceptance time.  He just stood there grinning hard and looking at her like "B*tch what the fcuk?"  Personally, I would have pushed her @ss into the orchestra pit, but that's just me.  I find it amazing the orchestra didn't start to play to drown her out or no security came up.  I find it even more amazing the media is NOT reporting on this incident at all!  Kanye's career took a nosedive after he interrupted Taylor Swift.  Who is speaking out for this dude?  No one but bloggers and Black folk, that's who.

The Oscars honored Michael Jackson

The Academy of Motion Pictures just honored Michael during the memoriam segment on the Oscars! I was in tears! I wasn't expecting that at all!!!!! Michael appears at 2:44; they show pictures from Thriller, the Wiz, and the Panther Dance.

M'onique's Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress was the highlight of the evening

Let's take a look at how she got to where she is today: